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Updated 28.8.08


Service Changes from 31 August 2008 (including other operators)

FIRST (First Midland Red Buses Ltd. t/a)

This date sees major changes to Worcester city services, together with the loss of many tenders in the Redditch area to Diamond Bus. Diamond have introduced extra competitive commercial services in Redditch, which gives them a roughly equal presence in the area to First.

X22/X23, 22/23 (Worcester - Warndon - Royal Hospital - Worcester) : Withdrawn and replaced by services 31A/31C.

30 (Worcester - Dines Green, D) : New service replacing the Dines Green end of 33. Runs every 12 mins NESu, hourly ESu.

31 (Henwick Park - Worcester - Royal Hospital, D) : Alternate daytime journeys and all ESu journeys extended via Warndon Villages, Coachway, Warndon and Bilford Road to Worcester, operating as 31A in this direction and 31C the opposite way round. This replaces X22/X23 on a similar frequency and was the way in which the ESu 22/23 actually operated.

33 (Dines Green - Worcester - Tolladine Road - Warndon, D) : Dines Green - Worcester section split off as service 30. Service now runs as a circular from Worcester via Tolladine Road, Tesco, Warndon Villages, Warndon and Tolladine Road back to Worcester, every 20 mins daytime in each direction as 33A/33C. ESu service still every hour combined, evening buses by current route as 33, on Sundays each direction is only 2 hourly.

55/56 (Redditch - Oakenshaw Circular, D) : Sunday service lost to Diamond as 55B/56B.

61 (Redditch - Matchborough East, NESu) : Lost to Diamond.

64 (Sainsburys - Redditch - Woodrow North, NPESu) : Withdrawn. Sainsburys end replaced by extension of 67, Woodrow North end lost to Diamond.

67 (Redditch - Studley, NESu) : Journeys are added to/from Sainsburys every 15 minutes on Monday to Friday mornings, replacing the extension of service 64.

247 (Redditch - Alcester - Bidford - Evesham, NESu) : One journey extended to and from Pershore Horticultural College (near Wick village) on college days.

417 (Worcester - Cradley - Ledbury, NESu) : The Schooldays diversion via Wellington Heath is dropped from this service - rarely did any passengers use this section.

420 (Worcester - Bromyard - Hereford , NESu) : Some NSu peak hour journeys on Bromyard - Hereford section and 1 S journey through to Worcester lost to DRM Coaches. Su service gained from Bromyard Omnibus.

[Hereford changes not included]

Diamond Bus of Birmingham

From 3August 2008, 145 (Bromsgrove - Barnt Green - Cotteridge, NESu) and 350 (Worcester - Inkberrow - Redditch, NESu)  were transferred from Central Connect

This operator, who has a Redditch depot, has won the tenders for almost all the uncommercial services based upon Redditch and has also added more commercial services in competition with First. It now has more buses running in the town than First.

50 (Redditch - Woodlands - Salters Lane, NPESu) : Gained from Hardings. Diverted away from the Cedar Road area, now served by First 69, and via Salters Lane, between Hewell Road and Lowfield Lane. Hourly off-peak service.

51 (Redditch - Batchley Circular, NESu) : New commercial service mimicking and competing with First 51. Runs every 10 mins off-peak, every 12 mins peak in school holidays, every 24 mins peak in school term.

55A/56A (Redditch - Webheath/Oakenshaw Circulars, NESu) : New commercial services running via Batchley, Webheath, Birchfield Road, Headless Cross, Mason Road, Walkwood Road, Littlewoods, Graingers Lane, Oakenshaw Tesco and Headless Cross back to Redditch. The registration and County Council timetable show this route as 56A, with the reverse direction as 55A, which means that on common sections Diamond 56A will be running in the opposite direction to First 56. It is conjectured that this resulted from a late change of plan which resulted in the figure-of-eight route, but whether the confusing service numbering will persist remains to be seen. Each service runs every 15 minutes, which is double the First frequency on 55/56. Schooldays journeys run via Kingsley College as 55S/56S, with schooldays journeys omitting Oakenshaw being numbered 55X/56X.

55B/56B (Redditch - Webheath/Oakenshaw Circulars, Su) : Gained from First and diverted to serve Webheath. Runs via Webheath, Birchfield Road, Headless Cross, Mason Road, Walkwood Road, Littlewoods, Graingers Lane, Oakenshaw Tesco and Headless Cross back to Redditch, this direction 55B the opposite 56B, each every 2 hours up to 1830hrs.

61 (Redditch - Sainsburys - Forge Mill Road - North Moons Moat - Winyates West - Matchborough East, NESu) : Gained from First, diverted via Sainsburys to partially replace First 64 and via Forge Mill Road to replace Hardings 63 in this area. Hourly service.

64 (Redditch - Lodge Park - Greenlands - Woodrow North, NPESu) : Gained from First, although the hourly service does not run as late in the afternoon as hitherto.

70 (Redditch - Crabbs Cross - Astwood Bank, Su) : New 2 hourly Sunday service for this route.

143 (Bromsgrove - Redditch, ESu) : Evening peak journeys gained from Johnsons, diverted via Charford and not now serving Princess of Wales Hospital at Bromsgrove. Late evening service added, also Sunday service replacing 343.

145 (Bromsgrove - Barnt Green - Cotteridge, NESu) : Minor change to afternoon school journey which now serves South Bromsgrove School after leaving Bromsgrove rather than before.

146 (Redditch - West Heath - Birmingham, ESu) : Saturday evening service reduced to 1 round trip, but this trip also runs on Monday to Friday.

175 (Inkford Brook - Wythall - Maypole - Majors Green - Shirley - Solihull, NESu) : Gained from Hardings. Redditch positioning extension withdrawn, off-peak service regularised to every 2 hours to provide even headways with 177/178.

177 (Birmingham - Kings Heath - Wythall - Inkford Brook, NPESu) : Gained from Midland Rider. Off-peak service regularised to every 2 hours to provide even headways with 175/178. The evening peak and early evening service on this route has been withdrawn.

178/179 (Birmingham - Kings Heath - Wythall - Redditch New Town - Redditch, NESu) : Gained from Johnsons.

246 (Redditch - Evesham, Su) : Diverted via Morrison's on Four Pools Estate in Evesham, and renumbered 247 in line with First service.

333 (Redditch - Bromsgrove - Kidderminster Hospital, NESu odd journeys) : Gained from Johnsons of Henley. Now consists of 1 morning peak trip M-F from Redditch via Princess of Wales Hospital, Bromsgrove and main road to Kidderminster, then General Hospital and return to Bromsgrove, and 1 early evening round trip from Bromsgrove to Kidderminster and back, again via the main road and omitting Harvington and Bluntington villages.

343 (Redditch - Webheath - Bromsgrove - Catshill, Su) : Withdrawn. Webheath now has Sunday service by 55B/56B, Redditch-Bromsgrove by 143, Catshill by 144.

A & M Group

512 (Stratford - Wilmcote - Alcester - Sambourne - Studley - Redditch, M) : Withdrawn without replacement.

A Touch of Class of Redditch

182 (Lickey - Cofton Hacket - Barnt Green - Alvechurch - Rowney Green - Redditch, M-F off-peak) : New service of 1 round trip replacing part of First 982.

183 (Redditch - Alvechurch - Rowney Green - Barnt Green - Lickey - Elm Grove - Bromsgrove, M-F off-peak) : New service of 1 round trip replacing part of First 982.

Astons Coaches (Veolia) of Kempsey

32 (Worcester - St Peters - Kempsey - Baynhall (NESu hourly) : New service in competition with First 32. Combines with Astons 382 to provide 30 minute headway between Worcester and St Peters. Some gaps, particularly at peaks when Astons 372 runs through Kempsey.

32A (Royal Hospital - County Hall - St Peters, M-F peaks) : Lost to Worcestershire County Council.

Bromyard Omnibus Company

308 (Martley - Sinton Green - Worcester, NPESu) and 310 (Clifton-upon-Teme - Martley - Worcester, NESu) lost to LMS Travel

420 (Worcester - Bromyard - Hereford, Su) lost to First.

Clearway of Catshill

93 (Bromsgrove - Charford, NESu) : Most off-peak journeys withdrawn. Service 99 still remains providing a replacement for most areas of Charford, also First 143 now serves the area and MRD provide a few replacement journeys.

Cresswell of Evesham

31 August 2008 : 971 (Bidford-on-Avon - The Littletons - Honeybourne - Moreton-in-Marsh, T) : Withdrawn.

DRM Coaches of Bromyard

31 August 2008 : 420 (Hereford - Bromyard - Worcester, NESu) : Off-peak journeys on Hereford - Bromyard section transferred from 419. Some serve Winslow Road in Bromyard and Shire Hall in Hereford. Some NSu peak journeys on Hereford - Bromyard section gained from First together with one S afternoon journey running through to/from Worcester.

Hardings Coaches (Tanners Croft Garage Ltd. t/a) of Redditch

50 (Redditch - Woodlands - Salters Lane, NPESu) : Lost to Diamond Bus in amended form.

60 (Redditch - Abbeydale - Winyates West - Matchborough West, NPESu) : Part of former service 63 split off, diverted away from Forge Mill Road and extended to Matchborough West. Hourly off-peak, although 1 M-F journey only serves Abbeydale as Diamond 350 serves Matchborough West at the relevant time.

63 (Abbeydale - Redditch - Bentley Close, NPESu) : Curtailed to run Redditch - Bentley Close only. Abbeydale end replaced by 60, with which the service still interworks.

175 (Redditch - Wythall - Maypole - Majors Green - Shirley - Solihull, NESu) : Lost to Diamond

Henshaw of Moreton-in-Marsh

554 (Evesham - Honeybourne - Chipping Campden, NESu) : Timetable amended to incorporate school services S54 and S55. Now incoporates school journeys via Chipping Campden School, via Blackminster School and Offenham.

Johnsons of Henley

143 (Princess of Wales Hospital - Bromsgrove - Redditch, M-F evening peak) : Lost to Diamond

178/179 (Birmingham - Kings Heath - Wythall - Redditch New Town - Redditch, NESu) : Lost to Diamond.

333 (Redditch - Bromsgrove - Kidderminster Hospital, NESu odd journeys) : Lost to Diamond

LMS Travel of Worcester

308 (Martley - Sinton Green - Worcester, NPESu) and 310 (Clifton-upon-Teme - Martley - Worcester, NESu) lost to LMS Travel

Midland Rider of Birmingham

177 (Birmingham - Kings Heath - Wythall - Inkford Brook, NPESu) : Lost to Diamond.

MRD Ltd. of Bromsgrove

90 (Bromsgrove - Catshill, NESu) : Slightly improved with the addition of morning peak schooldays journeys.

93 (Bromsgrove - Charford, NESu) : New service of 2-3 morning off-peak journeys to compensate for the withdrawal of Clearway 93 at off-peak times.

Stagecoach Midland Red

28 (Stratford-upon-Avon - Bidford-on-Avon - Evesham, NESu) : Routeing in Evesham revised, now returns to Evesham via Broadway Road and Bengeworth. 28A runs in opposite direction. Frequency for most of the day increased to every 30 minutes, alternate buses running as 28 and 28A.

28A (Stratford-upon-Avon - Bidford-on-Avon - Evesham, NESu) : New service as detailed above.

Worcestershire County Council

32A (Royal Hospital - County Hall - St Peters, M-F peaks) : Gained from Astons Coaches.

Service Changes from 17 August 2008

2 (Kidderminster - Habberley - Bewdley - Bark Hill, NESu) : Service frequency increased to every 20 mins, in response to Whittle competitive service 2A.

10 (Habberley - Kidderminster - Spennells Circular, NESu) : Curtailed to start at Kidderminster, the Habberley section being compensated by the increase in 2.

Service Changes from 30 June 2008

143 (Redditch - Charford - Bromsgrove / Catshill, NESu) : Service diverted via Clive Road in Charford Estate, due to obstruction by parked cars on existing route.

550 (Worcester - Pershore - Evesham, NESu) : The morning peak journey which does not serve Defford Road in Pershore no longer serves the main Broad Street stops. The break in the central car parking rank which allowed the bus to turn in Broad Street has been eliminated.

Service Changes from 8 June 2008

Revisions to services in the Redditch area :-

51 (Batchley) : Service improved including Sundays

55/56 (Crabbs Cross Circulars) : Diverted via Alexandra Hospital

57/58 (New Town Circulars) : No longer to serve Alexandra Hospital.  Sunday service improved.,

68 (Batchley) : To run at Monday to Friday peaks.  At other times will be replaced by service 69, serving the Woodlands area.

143 (Bromsgrove) : Diverted via Charford  area of Bromsgrove.

X3 (Kidderminster and Stourport) : Diverted via Birchfield Road in Redditch, but only a few journeys to serve Harvington and Bluntington.

I apologise that I did not report changes between July 2007 and June 2008 on this web-page.

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