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Here, in Rochdale Town Centre, long before the Bus Station was opened, is 3571, an ex-Manchester Leyland PD2 with Burlingham body.  It still carries SELNEC fleet-names although the picture was taken in August 1974, when Greater Manchester Transport had been in existence for several months.  The bus is on service 17 to Manchester, jointly operated by GMT's Rochdale and Queens Road garages.

At the other end of the service 17 route, in Cannon Street Manchester, stands 6203, an ex-Rochdale AEC Regent V with Weymann bodywork.  The huts at the back are there for the construction of the ill-fated Arndale Centre.

SELNEC (and later GMT) inherited some single-decks from Rochdale.  These were mainly needed because of a very low railway bridge on former Rochdale service 1 (GMT 461) to Castleton via Deeplish.  A few other lightly-loaded routes were also run with single-decks, including the Littleborough "local" services and service 444, an hourly route between Bamford (the posh end of Rochdale) and an estate of council flats at the other side of the previously mentioned bridge.  This was one of the early conversions to one-man operation at Rochdale.  AEC Reliance 6025, also with Weymann bodywork, stands in Rochdale Town Centre..

Away from Rochdale, and a picture taken before the 1974-77 period to which the other pictures belong, but showing a bus in Manchster Corporation livery.  2010 is a Leyland Atlantean with Manchester's unique style of bodywork for one-man operation.  The bus is standing in Piccadilly.

The second Foden for my web page, and a rare vehicle indeed !  1435 was, unfortunately, in this position at the back of Hyde Road garage for a good portion of its life, and did not see much use on the road.  Taken by GMT for evaluation purposes during a period when British Leyland had a virtual monopoly on bus production, it is bodied by Northern Counties.  Whereas Dennis, who also went back into bus production about this time, has " made it" as an important manufacturer, Foden did not succeed as a bus producer.