Bristol Omnibus Company's KSW UHY438 stands on the slip road at Old Market in December 1971.  I was probably doing a passenger survey for the "B-Line" vehicle location system at the time.  Given that research was being done on such systems in 1971, it seems to be taking an incredible length of time for them to become common !  Of course, there weren't global positioning sattelites in 1971.

A more rural scene, with Bristol Omnibus Company HAE270D in rural surroundings on service 391 near Dyrham, also in 1971.  Dyrham is now served by Andybus service 634 from Tormarton to Bristol, which is a very useful service when you're walking the Cotswold Way !

Coming up the hill by the Downs in Bristol is Bristol's RE C1121, on service 83 which meandered all around the north side of Bristol before ending up only a short distance from where it started.